Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's good to Google yourself

You never know when someone out there has written something quite nice about you, such as this post from Michael Fallon on The Rake's blog, The Thousandth Word. The title of his post, "Art from the Ashes," is particularly appropriate for us, seeing as we're all about fire, and we appreciate being seen as a glimmer of hope in otherwise dreary times (not to mention a crap-sandwich alternative).

But Mr. Fallon's post did remind me that our little website is pretty meager, and woefully out-of-date, which is why we're trying to blog until such time as a fantastic new website comes our way. I've written previously about when we plan to open our doors, but our fundraising goals have grown (surprise) as we've moved into this next phase of our development. Currently, we're working on raising $80,000 for equipment and other start-up costs, and another $35,000 for operating costs in 2009. We've got a few irons in the fire (ha! there's really no end to fire-related metaphors), including our participation in the Twice the Gift store this holiday season and a plan for a fundraising event late this year. But as always, if you would like to help us ignite the flame (there's another!), do check our website for info on our donations program.

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