Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So, when are we going to open?

We've gotten a few questions to this effect lately and realize that people might start to wonder, now that the building has been vacant for a couple of months... But while the timeframe's going to be a bit farther out than we originally hoped (I guess it always is), the good news is that everything is falling into place and we are on track for opening in Summer 2009. Last week, our future landlord (Artspace Projects) received approval from the City Council's Community Development Committee to receive funding through its bank-qualified loan program. Whew! With the current state of affairs in the financial markets we were more than a bit concerned, so to have the financing in place is very good news.

So, we're now looking at Artspace acquiring the building by the end of the year, and renovations beginning as soon as possible thereafter. We're planning on six months for renovations, making July our grand opening. There are still many more hurdles to jump before the doors open and lots of work to do... but the dream's becoming a reality.

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