Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some wonderful items to share this month involving our work that has impacted the community and about new program developments coming soon to a fire arts center near you.

Kelly Brazil was a student of mine back in  Fall of  2010.  Since then Kelly has been active as Artist in Residence at Kulture Klub and used CAFAC as a collaborative partner.  Kulture Klub brings together youth experiencing  homelessness and artists to help the youth express their connection to their community.  We at CAFAC are glad to support Kelly's efforts in our community and are thrilled that she was recently awarded an Arts on Chicago grant. Here's a link to a story about Kelly and Tayvon, one of the youth she's worked with at Kulture Klub and CAFAC.

We're baking mud pies. OK, they look more like cakes. With help from our loyal volunteers, we have been looking for ways to make our (soon to roll out) foundry program as eco-friendly as possible.  These are direct carve molds used in making tiles. Our recipe is all natural and recyclable.  Sand, flour, water and little  molasses make a very solid sand mold for direct carve molds.  And the place smells great as we bake them on the grill. 

You'll have the opportunity to join in the foundry fun later this fall when we offer our first class! 

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