Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh, I've been working on the railing....

OK, not really. I was just there to drop off lunch and take pictures as I'm not much use in the welding department, but it was another busy weekend at the Fire Arts Center for our fabulous volunteers, Danielle, Ryan, and Al. They helped install the patterned inserts for the railing that wraps around the mezzanine. The design was created by the students of another one of our Fire Artists, Roger Karlson, who had his interior design class at Brown Institute work on a plan for the interior of the building as part of a design project they did for us.

Here is Ryan working on one of the first four panels.

and here is a better look at the full design.

And here are our volunteers taking a much needed and much deserved break. We picked a fine day to be working in welding gear in a building without air conditioning! Sorry guys!

And here's the rest of the mezzanine, which will be where classes and studio space for jewelery and glass will be located.

It's all coming together--thanks again to those of you who helped us out again! You're the best!

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Brittany Johnson said...

Hey, how does one volunteer? My daughter is really interested in learning fire arts, and helping to set the place up would sure be a way to start!