Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We made MN Monthly's Best of the Twin Cities!

Best of the Twin Cities - Art Classes

It's a medium you probably didn't know existed. But fire art--made by heat spark and flame, yielding everything to sculpture to jewelry to fire-breathing--now has its own home in the newest and funkiest arts center in Minneapolis. The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center just opened in a former movie theater, where artists weld and wield blowtorches and pound on anvils--a blacksmith shop without all the horses. And soon, you too, can learn the incendiary arts--through classes that promise to be a very hot ticket. 3749 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis 612 701 5030. cafac.org.

I LOVE this write up! It's perfect in so many ways, however "just opened" is a bit overzealous. We did manage to secure the last piece of financing last week and our architect, Jeff Schoeneck of UrbanWorks Architecture is taking our final drawings to the city this Friday to work their way through the permit process. We are a mere handful of weeks from beginning our build out, so hang on to your hats people!

and oh, our new phone number is 612.294.0400


Darci said...

As a resident of the Chicago/38th st. area, I want to extend a welcome to your organization and to tell you how excited I am about your organization, its members and the services it will be providing! I cannot wait for it to open.


Darci Lambert
4024 Park Avenue

anvildancer said...

I am excited to see the facility begin to come to fruition. I have been active in metal arts in this area for many years. I have heard little bits here and there about The Fire Arts Center. When I ask people about it they are kind of hush hush. I would like to know more and possibly be an active particpant and or advicate.