Monday, February 22, 2010

Construction Update

Just wanted to give everyone a little update on how things are progressing with the renovations. As with any construction project we've had a few surprises--some good, some not so pleasant, but things are moving along a good pace!

We went to check things the past weekend and managed to snap a few pics, so here's a quick peak at how things are going.

First, the gallery area is coming along nicely. After taking apart the existing office, we realized it would be relatively easy to raise the ceiling by a few feet, so we now have much more vertical space in what will be the gallery. This is what it looks like from the shop area looking back at the front entrance.

And here's Victoria in what will be her office:

As you can see, much of the original blond brick is still in great shape.

The projection room will eventually be a multipurpose room and conference area, but there is obviously still a lot of work to be done!

One of the not so pleasant surprises we've had to deal with is that the ceiling and roof are in worse shape than we had hoped.

This was an expensive surprise, but there always are a few with any construction project! As you can see, our contractor has found a way to work around it by adding additional I-beams that run perpendicular to the original ones.

If you look closely, here you can see the five 10x10" cutouts in the middle of the photo where the south side of the building is being prepped for the I-beams that will support the mezzanine.

Once the ceiling repairs are done, the next step will be construction of the mezzanine, and then we'll probably be putting a shout out for volunteers to help with some clean-up around March 6th.

Stay tuned for more photos coming soon!

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Thanks for the update!